Dots (Túró Rudi)

An Original Hungaricum And The Best Hungarian Sweet

The Dots (Túró Rudi) is my favorite sweet and I’m sure it will be yours once you taste it. You have probably already seen on our Hungaricums page that this sweet is the thing that most Hungarians living abroad miss the most.


Because it has such a special and delicious taste. Túró Rudi (Dots) is like Coca Cola. Once you taste it, you will be dependent on it and you will want to eat as much as you can.

The Túró Rudi has another name, called Pöttyös (dots in Hungarian), because it has a special packaging, as you can see on the picture. There are red dots on a white background, so this is the reason why the English name for it is Dots.

The birth of the famous Sweet

Dots - Túró RudiDots are already 46 years old and it took 12 years to develop the perfect recipe. The first little brown stick was born in 1963 and made from curd cheese rolled in chocolate. If we translate “Túró Rudi” word by word it is something like this in English: “Curd-cheese-stick”.

There is an interesting and funny story about the start of this sweet. You should know that Hungary was under communism in 1968 and everything--even the advertisements--was censored. When the boss of the advertising company heard the name of Dots (Túró Rudi), he would not give permission to advertise it, because he thought it has an obscene name… Broken Dots - Túró Rudi And do you know why?

Because the second part of the original Hungarian name the “Rudi”, which is “Stick” in English, also has an erotic meaning… I think you can easily figure out which part of the body I’m talking about.

So, it had to start its carrier without any advertisements. But it was not a problem, as its taste was so much unrivaled, that everybody fell in love with it after the first bite.

The popularity of the best Hungarian Sweet

This sweetness was so popular that the song about “Túró Rudi” by the country band 100 Folk Celsius was leading the hit lists for a long time.

Picture with Dots (Túró Rudi)And today it has entered into art as well.

Marcus Goldson, an English painter, is regularly using the packing of “Túró Rudi” for his paints.

He said the following:“I saw an old lady who was feeding her two dogs from her hands with “Túró Rudi”. The sight was so beautiful that I painted it. Since then, I have used the packing of “Túró Rudi” for several paintings. Wherever I see dots I’m always associating it with “Túró Rudi”. But this is not the only reason why I use it. I think there is no more unique Hungarian specialty like this. Wherever I have been in the world, I haven’t found a similar sweetness.”

Where can you buy it?

I think you should be thinking something like this now: “OK, this is very nice, that you have this sweet, but where can I find it? How can I try it?”

The answer is very simple: if you are visiting Hungary, than Everywhere!

And you can take me seriously. You can buy it in every shop, and also outside of shops for example in gas stations, in cinemas, in bakeries etc.

I know of course, that most of you is very far away from Hungary and most probably you would just dream about tasting “Túró Rudi” (Dots). I have a very good news for you how are leaving in US or Canada. “Túró Rudi” (Dots) arrived in your country and many shops started to sell it.

The name has changed a little bit, it is called "Blue Dotty".

I strongly recommend to try out this original Hungarian specialty. Please visit this page about Blue Dotty and discover the most favorite sweetness of every Hungarian.

Now, I hope you can understand why every Hungarian is in love with “Túró Rudi” (Dots).

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